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Comprehensive approach for balanced, healthy living


Lotus Theory Custom Balance is for anyone ready to fully engage their mind and body. Our most comprehensive service, Custom Balance provides therapy, nutrition, and fitness through a series of stages.


Getting your mind and body into balance so that you can heal

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Lotus Theory Custom Balance Program

Digital Download



Mindfulness Nutrition eBook 

To begin the first stage, we dive into the Mindfulness Nutrition eBook where we work to change the idea of perfection and vulnerability. We help you to quiet the negative self talk, develop self compassion, overcome self doubt. We assess your diet and see where we can make adjustments that speak to the lifestyle YOU want to achieve.

​​Mindfulness Nutrition includes:

30-day Mindfulness Nutrition eBook

Lifestyle and diet assessment

Meditation and journaling

Fridge and pantry stocking guide

Healthy alternative meal recipes

Weekly check-in sessions with your assigned therapist to discuss progress



Recipe Guide eBook 

Lotus Theory Nutrition Guide serves as a starting point, so that you can start down the path to learn what works best for you as an individual. Our Nutrition Guide provides structure in making dietary changes, especially when you have no idea what to eat. Learn how to eat healthy, choose wisely, lose weight and become a fully satisfied, healthy individual for good.

Recipe Guide includes:

30 days worth of healthy recipes

Understanding Calories and Macronutrients

Macro Calculator*

Understanding Carbohydrates and Weight

Recommendations for Moms and Busy Professionals

Meal Planning Tips

Nutrition FAQ

* This tool runs on Google Sheet



Workout Guide eBook 

We encourage clients to exercise to be healthy. We provide a roadmap to getting in better shape now and for the future with workouts that are easy to start and grow with.

Workout Guide includes:

12 Week Workout Guide

We take the guesswork out of your fitness routine and lay out all the workouts for you. 

Strength and Muscle Building

Strength-training routines designed to build muscle and strength for a more “toned” look (hello booty!).

Choosing the Right Weights

Understanding how much weight you should lift shouldn’t be confusing. We give you recommendations for how much to lift.

Endurance Building

Build your cardiovascular endurance to help burn body fat, and boost serotonin, the feel good hormone that gives you that post-workout glow.

Rejuvenating Yoga Recovery and Meditation 

We incorporate yoga practices and guided meditations to help decrease stress and reset.

Supplemental Workouts

A glossary of supplemental workouts that are all under 15 minutes.

Lotus Theory is a company dedicated to helping you achieve holistic health and overall balance.

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