Comprehensive approach for balanced, healthy living

You’ve decided. Today is the day…

You’re going to stop feeling stuck. Stop wishing you had more time, more energy to do the things YOU love to do. Stop the negative thought patterns that always seem to creep up on you. No more “if only I did this, then…” “if only I were more, then..”

Because today is the day you’re taking charge.

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Getting your mind and body into balance so that you can heal.

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Custom Balance is for anyone wanting total-body health. And is ready to fully engage their mind and body. Our most comprehensive service, Custom Balance provides therapy, nutrition, and fitness through a series of stages.

Stage 1: Therapy

We work to change the idea of perfection and vulnerability. We help you to quiet the negative self talk, develop self compassion, overcome self doubt.

Stage 2: Nutrition

We shift the focus from trying to lose weight to making your body feel better and healing your body from the inside out. Learn how to eat healthy, choose wisely, lose weight and become a fully satisfied, healthy individual for good.

Stage 3: Fitness

We encourage clients to exercise to be healthy. We provide a roadmap to getting in better shape now and for the future with workouts that are easy to start and grow with.



Do I need to complete all 3 services to achieve balance?

If achieving overall balance is your goal, then yes it is strongly recommended that you complete all services.

Do you accept insurance for Custom Balance services?

At this time, we can only accept insurance for the therapy services under Custom Balance. Nutrition and fitness services must be paid out of pocket.

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