A mindful approach to nutrition for long-term results

It feels like a constant battle.

You’ve lost count of how many diets and detoxes you’ve tried. You’ve watched what you eat for years now, sometimes more successfully than others. Dropping 4 pounds only to regain 5 almost immediately. On the one hand, you really want to lose weight or simply feel better overall. On the other hand, you really want to eat whatever you want. It’s all very discouraging and you begin to wonder “when does it end?”

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A simple, clear approach that puts YOU back in control.

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Lotus Theory Nutrition is for anyone who has ever struggled at all with their relationship to food. Our program is for individuals wanting to become more aware of their eating habits and work towards making new and healthier food choices.

Mindset is central to our program’s approach to nutrition. We shift the focus from trying to lose weight to making your body feel better and healing your body from the inside out. Our clients learn to be kind to themselves and let go of shame.


Our program emphasizes lifestyle change rather than quick fixes to maintain long-term results. Learn how to eat healthy, choose wisely, lose weight and become a fully satisfied, healthy individual for good.

The Lotus Theory Nutrition Program includes:

  • 30 day online course

  • Lifestyle and diet assessment

  • 30 min virtual coaching sessions at the end of each phase

  • Meditation and journaling assignments to work on independently in between coaching sessions

  • Lotus Theory Nutrition Guide ebook and macronutrient calculator

  • Fridge and pantry stocking guide

  • Healthy alternative meal recipes

Our program:

Dedicates time to identify and work on root causes to allow your progress to continue beyond treatment

Provide safe spaces free of judgment that encourages honesty, acceptance, and support

Incorporate things you love into your plan to maintain a total-body healthy lifestyle