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Lotus Theory Mindful Nutrition

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The Mindfulness Nutrition eBook works to change the idea of perfection and vulnerability. We help you to quiet the negative self-talk, develop self compassion, and overcome self doubt. We assess your diet and see where we can make adjustments that speak to the lifestyle YOU want to achieve.

This guide includes:

  • 30 day Mindfulness Nutrition eBook

  • Lifestyle and diet assessment

  • Meditation and journaling

  • Fridge and pantry stocking guide

  • Healthy alternative meal recipes

  • 30 min virtual coaching sessions at the end of each phase

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Will I be working with a licensed nutritionist or dietitian?

Mindset is central to our approach to nutrition. So any support you receive from Lotus Theory will be with a licensed Mental Health Counselor NOT a licensed nutrition or dietitian.

Do I need to sign up for counseling services to successfully complete this?

Considering that the majority of our shortcomings come from how we view ourselves, the Mindful Nutrition eBook is exclusively available to our clients who have been working with our Lotus Theory therapists for at least a month.

Contact us to connect with a Lotus Theory therapist.

Can I use my insurance for nutrition services?

No. Unfortunately, insurance doesn't pay for nutrition through Lotus Theory.

Will I need to have a physical before enrolling in the program?

For the best results, we strongly recommend that you consult with your primary care physician before beginning any nutritional program, including the Lotus Theory Mindful Nutrition eBook.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is general advisement, please view our entire disclaimer HERE.

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