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SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 2023  |   11:00 AM

Embracing Emotions for Self Expansion

Online Sound Healing Meditation Sessions

Together, we'll work to accept and release repetitive thoughts through mindfulness practices. You'll be guided through a reflective journaling exercise followed by a grounding exercise that will help you complete the process of letting go of thoughts that are no longer serving you.


It's time to stop feeling so stuck.

Are you overwhelmed by your emotions? Do you find yourself pushing feelings to the side in order to avoid “overreacting” or conflict?


If so, join our sound healing meditation, Embracing Emotions for Self Expansion. This session creates a Sacred Space with healing sounds designed to help you embrace and release emotions so they don’t take over.

We will develop a deeper awareness of where your emotions may be showing up and remaining stuck in the body. And learn how to revisit unprocessed emotions so that you can shift that energy and keep yourself balanced when you need to.

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SATURDAY, APRIL 22, 2023  |   11:00 AM

Embracing Emotions for Self Expansion

Online Sound Healing Meditation Sessions

In our Sound Healing Meditation sessions, we work to:

Clear the mind through sound

Create an atmosphere that promotes deep rest

Decrease feelings of tension, stress, anxiety, anger

Re-balance your nervous system​​

Our Sound Healing Meditation sessions:

  • Employ Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and approaches

  • Generally run 45 mins in length

  • May be covered by insurance for current Lotus Theory clients

Marinés Rodriguez

Marinés Rodriguez

Sound Healing Facilitator

Marinés is a Healing Practitioner and Chaplain with various certifications in the Healing Arts such as Sound Healing, Reiki, and Transformational Hypnosis. She is dedicated to helping her clients achieve positive shifts in their subconscious beliefs, healing core wounds, and behavioral patterns to transform their lives. Her extensive training has also been informed by her academic degree in psychology and in mental health education, while also working as a Recovery Coach.


Marinés journey with grief catapulted her spiritual journey and passion for helping others in pain. Her life long experience with emotional and physical pain resulted in a pursuit of education and training in the areas of trauma, healing, and the subconscious. Applying what she learned, she has helped the lives of hundreds of others to transform their lives. Her work has enhanced her clients’ sense of peace, purpose, and connectedness. As well as improved their relationships, family dynamics, and careers.

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