Sunday, August 21, 2022   |   9:00 AM

Free Your Mind

Oftentimes the stories we make up in our mind are not true. In most cases, our perceptions are inaccurate, and we suffer because we are too sure of them.

During this session, we will sit down and look at perceptions very calmly. We’ll look into the deepest part of their nature in order to detect what is false about them. Then we will look at what is actually fact. We will learn not to believe everything we think and how to use our mind as a tool as opposed to being a victim of it.

Image by Ali Karimiboroujeni

Sunday, August 21, 2022   |   9:00 AM

Free Your Mind

In our Guided Meditation and Journaling sessions, we work to:

  • Understand the power you have to change your entire life

  • Explore the endless possibilities that await


  • Address perceptions, judgments and beliefs that may be holding you back


  • Establish a powerful self-care practice that you can tap into almost anywhere

Our meditation and journaling sessions:

Employ Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and approaches

Generally run 60 mins in length

Lauren Purnell, Certified Holistic Health Coach

I am an Intentional Living Teacher, helping you to amplify your life.  Many people come to me when they realize most of what they’ve been taught about success and happiness is a lie.  They’re looking for deeper meaning and understanding of it all. You’re here because you know there has to be more! Honey, there is! 

My mission is to show you the magik and limitless potential that is constantly woven through your daily life. With the help of my many outlets and projects I create tools to support you in healing, learning and creating an extraordinary existence.

Lauren Purnell, CHHC
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