Intentional Living Meditation Series

Meditation Events

The wonderful world of wellness is a beautiful place but can seem contradictory and chaotic at times. Join Lauren Purnell, certified holistic health coach to explore curated topics to help you live a sustainable and intentionally empowered life. As a lifetime student herself Lauren will guide you each month in a deep dive. Many of the topics are probably buzz words you've heard in passing but have no idea where to start in incorporating them into your day to day. 

Learn simple practices that will shift and add value to this journey we call life. This is a safe space for all and there is no need to be an expert. Intentional living is all about meeting yourself where you're at today and gaining the knowledge to create a more fulfilling and powerful tomorrow.


Meditation Events

Upcoming 2022 events coming soon

The Intentional Living Meditation Series work to:

  • Understand there is a difference between existing and living intentionally

  • Explore the magic in everyday life


  • Address feelings of complacency, helplessness, and anxiety


  • Establish lifestyle practices that transform your world

Our meditation events:

Employ simple practices rooted in mindfulness and intention that shift your daily tasks from to-do to ta-da! 

Generally run 90 mins in length

Lotus Theory is a company dedicated to helping you achieve holistic health and overall balance.