truly holistic approach to balanced, healthy living


We know you want to be a person who embraces who you are and lives a fulfilling and healthy life. You’ve tried several wellness approaches to help you feel better, more balanced, but they never quite hit the mark.

The problem is most wellness efforts don’t fully engage the mind AND body. The results you do manage to achieve don’t last and you soon find yourself slipping back into your unhealthy routines. It’s disheartening and this leaves you feeling like a healthy lifestyle is something you can’t maintain.


The truth   is, you’re multifaceted and your wellness approach should be too


The Lotus Theory Lifestyle offers wellness services that celebrate the dynamic relationship between your mind and body.



Meditations are central to Lotus Theory services. These practices provide clarity and allow you to give yourself the gift of stillness. 

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Mindset is central to our approach to nutrition. We shift the focus from trying to lose weight to making your body feel better and healing your body from the inside out. Lotus Theory Nutrition eBooks are for anyone who has ever struggled at all with their relationship to food.

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Lotus Theory Fitness is on a mission to help women realize that finding health and confidence in their bodies IS possible. Lotus Theory Mindful Fitness eBook Guide provides a roadmap to getting in better shape now and for the future.

Lotus Theory is a company dedicated to helping you achieve holistic health and overall balance.