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Giving yourself the gift of

Meditating at Home

You’re exhausted because despite your best efforts things never seem to get easier. Irritability, mental fog, anxiety, and overwhelm have been occurring much more frequently as a result of always having to be “on”.

Meditations are a helpful way to decompress and let go of what no longer serves you. Lotus Theory Meditations provide time to connect and recalibrate. These sessions are a time to join in community with others and allow healing to take place on an emotional, mental and cellular level.

Meditating on Beach

You deserve to know the truth about the power you possess

Experience a shift in perspective, an uplifted mood, more confidence, clarity, and a feeling of overall well-being and joy with our Lotus Theory Meditation sessions.

Online Meditation

Guided Meditation and Journaling

Online Guided Meditation Sessions

Join our Guided Meditation and Journaling sessions for your bi-weekly dose of peace and power. These meditations are a wonderful form of self-care to start your weekend with intention. 

Lotus Theory is a company dedicated to helping you achieve holistic health and overall balance.

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