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Comparison vs. Inspiration: What's the difference?

I know a lot about comparing yourself to others and the effects it has, both positive and negative.

Admittedly, I’ve engaged in comparison more times than I can count. Comparing yourself to others often leaves us feeling frustrated, anxious, and paralyzed about moving forward. And the truth is, it doesn’t help one single bit in creating the life we want. Instead, it takes away valuable time and energy that we could have spent on building our future. Whenever you focus on what other people have that you don’t, you give away your power. Every minute spent on comparing your path to someone else’s is a minute lost on creating your own.

It's important to be mindful of the thin line between inspiration and comparison.

What we draw inspiration from can just as easily become what we compare ourselves to. We can find ourselves measuring our lives to others'. Or find ourselves focusing all our energies on what others have that we don't. But comparison doesn't have to be negative. Comparison can serve to be helpful. Here’s how to turn that comparison to inspiration:

Be motivated, not competitive. Reframe feeling jealousy or competitiveness. When you find someone else being where you want to be or having what you want to have, turn envy into admiration. Tune into that energy to inspire and motivate you. You can use their achievements as inspiration for your own life and goals.

Be confident. Learning how to be confident helps...a lot. The benefits of confidence can be seen in a variety of areas in your life. Confidence can help with getting that job you want. Meeting new people. Managing a business or employees. The list goes on. When you're confident with yourself, you aren't threatened by the success of others.

Every minute spent on comparing your path to someone else’s is a minute lost on creating your own.

Have a positive outlook. It’s all about being grateful for what you already have. Being negative causes limitations. Negative thoughts can make you feel stuck. They can make you feel like there is no way out of your problems, and that you simply aren't deserving of great things. Having a positive outlook can help you reframe this negative mindset. You're able to reframe your perceived deficits into opportunities for improvement.

Social Media break. I appreciate social media. But as entertaining as it is, it can be a bit much sometimes. The info we get from social media can be overwhelming. We often get a lot of our inspiration from social media and that's fine. But, just like we curate our portfolio or wardrobe, we should filter what influences us and our work. It's important to remember that inspiration is everywhere- not just on social media. Literature, nature, music, architecture, even our own stories. - we're surrounded by ideas that we can touch and experience. Get out of the social media universe for a few days. Without the constant background noise of social media, we have the opportunity to open completely new creative paths. And hopefully bring us a little closer to the story we really want to tell.

Focus inward. Value generosity, humility, goodness, kindness, and love. Begin to focus on developing the inward qualities of a simplified life and the externals will lose their allure. And the quicker we find beauty on the inside, the sooner we’ll stop comparing things on the outside.

Whenever you focus on what other people have that you don’t, you give away your power.

Be mindful of the differences between inspiration and comparison.

Inspiration fills you up.

Comparison empties you.

Inspiration drives you forward.

Comparison pulls you backward.

Inspiration tells you there’s still time to accomplish something amazing.

Comparison tells you it’s too late.

We get to choose what we're inspired by.

Stay true to your own path. Do your creative best with your life. Remember to spend your energy intentionally. Be inspired instead of allowing the comparison game to steal your joy. We are all on our own unique journey. There's no point comparing your life, your body or your mind to someone else’s. Truth is, no matter how hard you try you will never be anyone else but YOU. And YOU are absolutely perfect just as you are. All you need now is to truly believe in yourself and go take on the world.

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