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Mind-Body Connection

Understanding the relationship with the mind & the body

For better or for worse, our minds and bodies are interconnected. It is up to us to become aware of our mind-body connections and to develop a loving and harmonious relationship between the two. Your mind and body can keep you healthy or not, and while it is not total, we do have control over how we think and react to the things around us.

Whether consciously aware of it or not, each of us experiences the mind-body connection everyday of our lives.

Instead of thinking of the connection as something far out of reach, or something only obtainable through hours of yoga and meditation, remember it is always here. Mouth-watering over a delicious-looking dessert, or nervous “butterflies” in the stomach before making a presentation, or running a race, are all perfect examples of natural mind-body connections, which most of us have experienced at some point. Sometimes, the mind-body connection can produce negative outcomes, like failing to meet athletic, academic, or professional goals due to fear created by the mind.

Our minds and bodies are not separate entities.

They coexist, which means they work together to keep your body in optimal order. They both are powerful allies. How you think can affect how you feel. And how you feel can affect your thinking. You might notice, whenever you are in the best of health both in body and mind you feel strong and confident. But whenever you get sick, things change, and your mind becomes weak and less confident. On the contrary, when you feel bad, your body is so weak and you start getting ill. Recognizing how the mind and body overlap allows us to treat all kinds of health issues more effectively.

It is up to us to become aware of our mind-body connections and to develop a loving and harmonious relationship between the two.

Dealing with struggles is a part of life that cannot always be avoided.

Strengthening the connection between the mind, body, and soul, which is also vital to your health, takes effort. That’s why it’s essential to understand the importance and identify ways to improve and maintain health and wellbeing in each area.


Stress is everywhere and it’s a normal part of life that we all feel from time to time and with life becoming more demanding, it’s vital we pay attention to our mental state. Focusing on nourishing the mind and our mental health can improve our focus, relationships, outlook and more.

Don’t ignore the signs of stress and overwhelm. If you are not coping with the pressures of life, talk to someone and seek professional help if required.

Take time out. Schedule time each day, just for you. Listen to music, read an article, go for a walk, meditate or enjoy a coffee, away from the stresses of life.

Prioritize sleep. Sleep recharges our mind, helps us stay focused and think clearly. Set a time for bed and stick to it to ensure you get the rest your mind needs.

Be open to self-improvement. Attend a workshop, try online learning, find a mentor or seek specific advice to improve your skills and increase your confidence.


We all know what we should be doing to look after our bodies – eat less and move more. However, it’s much easier said than done. As a start, here are some suggestions for looking after your physical health and nurturing the gut “brain”.

Moderation is the key. Start by reducing the intake of unhealthy food, soft drink, caffeine and alcohol. Learn to read nutrition labels and find healthier options for snacks.

Commit to regular exercise. Find ways to include physical activity in your day such as taking the stairs instead of an elevator.

Be proactive. Keep on top of your health by scheduling regular medical and dental checkups to monitor your health and wellbeing.

Concentrate on the basics. Focus on your sleep, nutrition, hydration and exercise. Set realistic goals, celebrate the small wins and keep going!


Spiritual health is more than religion or new age beliefs. It involves identifying our purpose and direction, recognizing what brings us joy and understanding how to find contentment in our lives. Here are some suggestions to improve the health and wellbeing of your soul.

Be open to meeting new people. Connecting with others opens our minds to new ideas and introduces us to alternate ways of living, re-energizing the soul.

Change your environment. Take a walk outside, have a meeting at a cafe or ask to work from home. Changing up your routine can help increase satisfaction and motivation.

Indulge in your passions. Make time in your life for music, art, hiking, baking, cycling, running – whatever feeds your soul and makes you happy.

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself permission to take time out and not be productive every second of the day. Live in the moment and give your soul a chance to breathe.

How you think can affect how you feel. And how you feel can affect your thinking.

It’s not always easy to find peace of mind in today’s pressure-packed, high-risk world.

But failing to care for one’s mental and emotional health is not only robbing our lives of joy and undermining our relationships with those we love the most, it’s also robbing us of our physical health, of the long and happy lives with our loved ones that we so desperately want and so richly deserve. Repairing the mind-body relationship can help restore health and vitality and support us in living a more authentic and joyful life.

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