Diary of a Lotus Bud


Respect My Truth (Disclaimer)

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

Thank you for taking the time in finding out more about my personal journey of becoming a mother.

Please note, the sole purpose of sharing my story is to assist other women to feel confident sharing their truth. Between adjusting to the hardest role you would ever embark upon in life and feeling the pressures to adhere to all of the society norms of what it takes to being a mom, the last thing we need as mothers is the added stress caused by mom shaming, judging, or putting out any kind of negative energy towards another mother because her story doesn’t match what you believe should be HER truth.

I will be extremely honest in all my posts, some may even say that I may be too honest (whatever the hell that means). And yes, I do curse sometimes so, brace yourself. I will not be speaking to you as a Psychotherapist but as Justine, a Latina woman, who was born and raised in NYC, career driven, and who decided to become a mom in her mid 30’s. Remember this is MY truth. All I ask is that you receive my story with love, kindness, and realness. So if what I share speaks to you in a real way, if you know deep down inside you can relate and you are so grateful that someone has the balls to say something out loud about what motherhood really looks like to them, OWN IT!!!!! Nod your head, scream “yessss girl!”, or just say to yourself, “it’s about damn time we are being honest”.

I say WE because we are in this together and I am here to remind you that you are not alone. So, before I go forward, I must say, if you choose to continue reading on, that means you have agreed to throw all judgment out the window and are mentally prepared to receive what I have to say. If that is so, let’s do this! We will get emotional and hear some hard truths, but I promise you, I will make you laugh throughout. Remember laughter is the cure for many things, including allowing ourselves to be free. Talk to you beauties soon.



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