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Reaching your full potential

Lotus Theory Strength

The strength variable is all about the relationship between your beautiful body and brilliant mind. Strength is much more than simply improving the appearance of your body. Most of us tend to focus on at least one aspect of our physical appearance that we want to change.


We are bombarded with idealized images of flawless physical perfection in the media. Even magazines that advocate self-love and acceptance uphold this standard. They are filled with articles on how to get a slimmer waist, flatter abs and toned arms. This only heightens our awareness of our own physical shortcomings. Making us feel flawed. And ultimately, distorting our understanding of beauty and health.


Strength teaches you that every body is unique. It teaches you to identify and understand your own physical threshold. Healthy and fit looks and feels different for everyone. Strength is more than a meal or exercise plan. It's about learning to value yourself. It's about creating the healthiest life you possibly can.

Lotus Theory services that help to fulfill the Strength variable:

Lotus Theory Nutrition
Lotus Theory Fitness

Lotus Theory Balance

Lotus Theory Balance is a blog dedicated to helping you create your balance

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Balanced healthy living is possible

Get started now on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

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