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Find the strength to live more fully in the moment and with greater peace of mind


Get Clarity.

We dig deep to identify and clear out old patterns of behavior and beliefs that are suppressing your growth.

Create Balance.

Using the Lotus Theory Formula, we will design a formula unique to you and your personal healing.

Transform Your Life. 

Have the confidence to practice self acceptance and self-compassion. And live your life on your terms.

It’s difficult to discern exactly what you’re feeling, but whatever it is, it’s uncomfortable. 

You’ve tried several wellness approaches to help you feel better, more balanced, but they never quite hit the mark. It’s unsettling. Your stress levels are at an all time high. You aren't feeling true to who you are. And just overall unhealthy. You’re ready for change, but you don’t know where to start.


Slow down and listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

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Mental health is the foundation of Lotus Theory.

We examine and address deep rooted thoughts that drive your physical ailments. Meditations and self-scans are central to our therapy, nutrition, and fitness services. And for good reason. These practices provide clarity. And allow you to give yourself the gift of stillness. We tend to look externally for answers that we already have inside of us.

Lotus Theory provides you with the tools you need to turn inward and begin healing.

There’s a tendency to treat physical health needs and mental health needs separately. This often produces surface level results that either don’t stick or feel incomplete. When this happens, it's easy to feel discouraged.


We want to change that. At Lotus Theory, mental health and physical health are not treated in isolation. Instead, we engage the mind and the body by incorporating emotional, mental, and fitness treatments into a single formula for holistic health and overall balance that lasts.


The Lotus Theory formula fulfills four fundamental areas for creating balance.

These fundamental areas are Serenity, Strength, Love, and Life. They serve to address your emotional, mental and physical needs.



Serenity encourages taking time for yourself. It embodies anything that brings you peace and makes you feel calm. This can range from reading a book, hobbies, being with nature, painting, even exercise.



Love embodies all healthy relationships with family, significant others, friends, and life partners. Making time for those who you love and make you feel full. Love encourages connection. And connections are vital to our growth.



Strength encourages movement and action. Physical movement enhances mental stability and strength while alleviating stress. It embodies taking care of your body in ways beyond your physical fitness goals. Ultimately, finding happiness with the body.



Life embodies assessment and reflection. Exploring work life balance. Identifying your passions, your calling. It encourages us to work towards progress not perfection.

Get clarity. Achieve balance.

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Achieve clarity and balance

At Lotus Theory, we're committed to 

Developing your custom fit Lotus Theory formula that speaks to your specific needs, together.

Providing safe spaces free of judgment that encourages honesty, acceptance, and support.

Dedicating time to identify and work on root causes to allow your progress to continue beyond treatment.

Incorporating things you love to do into your plan to maintain a total-body healthy lifestyle.

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