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Yoga Pose


APRIL 13, 2024
11:00 AM EST


Online Gentle Yoga

This month's gentle yoga session will incorporate meditation to release negativity and facilitate emotional healing.


Meditative yoga offers a multitude of benefits for both the mind and body. Here are some of the benefits you'll gain in our session:

Yoga Pose
  • Activate the relaxation response

  • Reducing levels of the stress hormone

  • Allows the mind to become more present and attentive

  • Assist in letting go of racing thoughts and tension

Harboring negative feelings can lead to a range of issues, including elevated stress levels, sleep disturbances, and emotional exhaustion.


This gentle yoga session is the perfect opportunity to release pent up tensions.


This gentle yoga session, with the added support of a licensed mental health therapist, can help address:

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Negative self-talk

  • Feeling alone

  • Feeling stuck

Joining this session live will provide you with the opportunity to process your emotions in real time, gain valuable insights, and receive guidance from a professional who understands the intricacies of emotional healing.

Join us for this gentle yoga session, where you will discover the power of meditation to release negative feelings and protect your peace.

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