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JUNE 29, 2024
10:00 AM EST


Online Sound Healing Meditation

Narrative Therapy is the backbone of this month’s session, a therapeutic approach that views your life as a series of interconnected stories. These narratives are not set in stone but are fluid, ever-evolving with every experience and decision.


Join us this month and discover the liberating power of sound healing meditation, infused with the principles of Narrative Therapy.


Meditation coupled with sound healing can promote a stronger sense of self. Here are some of the benefits you'll gain in our session:

Balance, breathing and young woman by plants for zen meditation in a greenery nursery. Bre
  • Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

  • Explore New Ways of Thinking

  • Strengthen Your Relationship with Self

  • Empowerment to Rewrite Your Story

Awaken your self-connection through the power of your story.


Sound healing through the lens of Narrative Therapy, you’ll learn that you are the author of your own tale, capable of editing, rewriting, and transforming the chapters that no longer serve your highest self.


This sound healing session, with the added support of a licensed mental health therapist, can help address:


  • Feelings of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome

  • Persistent rumination

  • Feelings of uncertainty about oneself; lack of confidence

During this session, you will have access with a licensed mental health therapist who will be available to support and guide you in processing your emotions in real time. Take advantage of this invaluable opportunity by joining us live.

Reconnect. Reflect. Reimagine. Your story is waiting to unfold.

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