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APRIL 27, 2024
11:00 AM EST


Online Sound Healing Meditation

In this month's Sound Healing session, you will unlock the numerous benefits that meditation offers.


Meditation coupled with sound healing can promote a stronger sense of self. Here are some of the benefits you'll gain in our session:

Meditating by the Sea
  • Reducing levels of the stress hormone


  • Enhanced self-awareness and introspection


  • Increased feelings of gratitude


  • Boosted cognitive function

The accumulation of negative emotions can lead to a variety of difficulties in your daily life, including strained relationships, burnout, and the inability to focus.


This sound healing session is your chance to quiet your mind and calm your soul.


This sound healing session, with the added support of a licensed mental health therapist, can help address:

  • Feeling weighed down by negative emotions

  • Persistent rumination

  • Emotional burnout

During this session, you will have access with a licensed mental health therapist who will be available to support and guide you in processing your emotions in real time. Take advantage of this invaluable opportunity by joining us live.

It's time to release and rediscover inner harmony through the synergy of meditation and sound.

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