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For holistic health and overall balance

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The Lotus Theory formula introduces four fundamental areas for creating balance.

These fundamental areas are Serenity, Strength, Love, and Life. They serve to address your emotional, mental and physical needs.

Lotus Theory Serenity Variable


Serenity encourages taking time for yourself. It embodies anything that brings you peace and makes you feel calm. This can range from reading a book, hobbies, being with nature, painting, even exercise.

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Lotus Theory Strength


Strength encourages movement and action. Physical movement enhances mental stability and strength while alleviating stress. It embodies taking care of your body in ways beyond your physical fitness goals.

Lotus Theory Love Variable


Love embodies all healthy relationships with family, life partners, and friends. Making time for those who you love and make you feel full. Love encourages connection.

Lotus Theory Life Variable


Life embodies assessment and reflection. Exploring work life balance. Identifying your passions, your calling. It encourages us to work towards progress not perfection.

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Balanced healthy living is possible

Get started now on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

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