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Giving yourself the gift of

Pilates Exercise

Exercise has been proven to help us reduce stress, increase strength, and improve our overall mental health.

Move with LT offers live monthly sessions that teach you how to incorporate movement into your daily life. We'll guide you through tips and techniques that will help you feel empowered and calm, while also improving your overall health.

While our classes are designed for people who are new to exercise, we welcome anyone who wants to be more mindful of their movements. Our sessions include meditation techniques that engage the mind and body in order to create a sense of calm, as well as strength-building exercises that will leave you feeling empowered by your own ability.

These sessions are held monthly, so it's easy to fit them into your schedule. Each month will feature new exercises designed to increase strength, reduce stress, and boost mental health.

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Discover your inner strength. Be empowered.


Each session includes:

  • Live instruction from an instructor who has experience in both movement and mindfulness practices. You can ask questions or simply listen as they guide you through the session. They'll provide tips and techniques that can be incorporated into your daily life.


  • A warm-up that will help increase strength and flexibility before moving into the main portion of the practice. The warm-up also incorporates mindfulness techniques so that you can start learning how to tune into your body before moving on.


  • Exercises that incorporate specific meditative practices as well as movement exercises that can be completed at a sustainable pace, helping you feel empowered by each practice session as well as throughout your day.

So join us. Let's get moving together.

Learn how to incorporate meditative techniques into your workout with our Move with LT Programs

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Gentle Yoga

Online Yoga Sessions

The low-impact nature of this program means that anyone can join in. It's ideal for beginners who are looking to ease into their practice or those looking to incorporate yoga into their lives. We incorporate meditation into movements throughout the class, so you'll be able to engage both your mind and body at once.


Lotus Theory is a company dedicated to helping you achieve holistic health and overall balance.

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